Meet the Guest 

This week’s guest is Zulma Berenice, a local entrepreneur that holds many positions in our community that all reflect her core value on holistic health. She is a certified life coach, a holistic health practitioner at Empathic Practice and the owner of two businesses. Her first, Creative Life Media, helps companies remain grounded, organic and true to their purpose. Her newest endeavor is a holistic home cleaning business that focuses on changing behavior patterns to promote wellness and incorporate the core value of health in the home.

Cliff Notes 

After being diagnosed with Lupus, Zulma decided to take control of her health and her life and pursue remedies fit for her particular situation. She shares the importance of taking responsibility for our own well-being and integrating healthcare into our daily lives, not just at our annual doctor’s visit. Shantelle and Zulma discuss the toll stress, overworking and burnout take on us, especially entrepreneurs. To combat exhaustion in the workplace, Zulma suggests compartmentalizing and delegating so that we are able to give our projects the energy they deserve.

More in this Episode 

So how exactly do you achieve being healthy? Zulma says you need to find your truth. Whatever this is to you individually, it will help you in your wellness journey. Shantelle and Zulma have an enlightening conversation that will leave you wanting more. Listen to the full episode and subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Soundcloud or Spotify.