Meet the Guest 

The American Advertising Federation CEO Steve Pacheco joins us this week on the Hello Frances Podcast. Steve shares about his background and how he found himself as the leader of the nation’s oldest advertising trade association. With experience ranging from a small, local ad agency to nationally recognized brands, Steve has had an array of experiences in the industry and uses all he has learned throughout his tenure in his latest venture as CEO of AAF. 

Cliff Notes 

Along with his personal experiences, Steve shares the mission and vision of AAF. He explains what the organization does to support the advertising industry and how professionals can become involved with the association. As someone who has created multiple Superbowl commercials in his past job positions, he also shares his favorite and least favorite spots from the latest Superbowl. 

More in this Episode 

Shantelle and Steve dive into the importance of diversity and inclusion in business, but specifically within the industry. Steve shares how the American Advertising Federation prioritizes diversity and inclusion and how beneficial it is to do so. If you enjoy this episode and want to learn more from Steve Pacheco, follow him on social media (@StevePacheco) to stay in touch!