Meet the Guest

Frances Roy Content Director Hillaree Durso joins Shantelle on the podcast this week to discuss the importance of soft skills. Fueled by creativity, passion, and coffee, Hillaree is the perfect example of a team member with strong soft skills. The tables are turned this week as Hillaree interviews Shantelle on what skills she prefers for when she is looking for new individuals to work with.

Cliff Notes 

We believe soft skills are a driver that propels us, but unfortunately, they are often overlooked in the workplace. Too often employers focus on tangible talent and miss out on the opportunity of hiring excellent employees because they do not value soft skills. While the importance of certain soft skills over others will vary among different industries, Hillaree and Shantelle discuss the need for business’ to change their focus from tangible talent to excellent soft skills. Our team strongly believes that if you have exceptional soft skills, it is highly likely that we can teach you the tangible skills needs for the job (in our case – writing, design, etc.)

More in This Episode 

Are you unsure what constitutes as a “soft skill”? Hillaree and Shantelle share a full list of soft skills that they value in others. Shantelle even shares her top three soft skills she looks for in applicants when hiring new employees! If you like this episode, please let us know! Leave a rating, review, or comment on one of our social media pages. If you have an idea for a future podcast episode, let us know at [email protected].