TikTok, or Instagram REELS? Does my business need both? Recently, these questions are top of mind for our clients and we are here to break down each platform to help you decide which (or both) are better for your business. 

TikTok – Who Owns It Anyway? Instagram REELS – Ready, Set, REEL
  • TikTok has a “trending” page so your business can easily take part in already viral videos and challenges
  • Strong video content that you can use across other social platforms
  • 15-second – 60-second video recording time options
  • 500 million + users 
  • Authentic content creation to better connect with your customer
  • Largely adopted by GenZ demographic (if this demo is your audience, they are definitely on this platform) 
  • Instagram currently prioritizes the REELS feature 3x more than your regular newsfeed posts
  • Each REEL video is 15 seconds in length 
  • Add music to make your videos more engaging
  • REELS are found on the “Explore Page” of Instagram where many people have the chance to notice your brand 
  • If your business already has an Instagram account, you have a built-in audience
Helpful Tips:

  • Repurpose video content that you’ve already created and cut it to either 60 or 15 seconds to use on either platform.
  • Keep it simple. Use your iPhone to create awesome video content. You do not need all the latest and greatest equipment to make an engaging video on these platforms. 
  • You do not need to reinvent the wheel. Both platforms have “challenges” and videos that are already trending, use those as inspiration for the next video you create.

All in all, make sure these platforms align with your business. Ask yourself, what is the best practice for my brand, and does this particular platform fit my brand? Even if something is “trending” it may not be the right fit and that is okay. Just as much as these features and platforms can help your business it is equally important to know which do not.