Meet the Guest

We turned the tables this week – our very own Shantelle Dedicke joins us on the podcast! Meredith Freeman, who interned with us last summer, follows up on some of their powerful conversations. One of Meredith’s favorite parts of FRA culture is the atmosphere of trust and family, and Shantelle lives this out in everything she does.

Cliff Notes

In an environment that is constantly changing, trust and transparency are becoming significant markers of brands that are encouraging customer loyalty. Meredith and Shantelle talk about the ways these values have served FRA well, and how we can foster these values in our own lives both personally and professionally.

More in this Episode

This conversation needed more than thirty minutes! We are hosting a Clubhouse chat on Monday to continue the conversation. We’ll be talking about trust and transparency, and even getting some advice from Shantelle for young professionals and students (like Meredith) who are getting ready to graduate! Be sure to join us on the Clubhouse app on Monday at 4 p.m.