Unleashing Creativity with Wendy Rodrigue

Frances RoyMarch 9, 2020

Episode Summary

Meet the Guest 

Wendy Rodrigue, wife of the late world-renowned artist George Rodrigue, joins us on the microphone for this week’s episode of the Hello Frances podcast. Wendy recently founded The Life & Legacy Foundation with Wendy Rodrigue, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that inspires children of all ages and diverse backgrounds with unique programming centered on the life and art of George Rodrigue. Best known for his famous blue dog paintings, George was a passionate philanthropist who spent his life advocating the importance of the arts in education.

Cliff Notes 

After her husband George passed away, Wendy struggled with finding her purpose until she discovered that George’s legacy can continue to live on through her. She shares how she pushed through this tough time in her life and how it has shaped her into the person she is today. In the podcast, Wendy also describes the stories behind specific George Rodrigue paintings and his thought process while creating them.

More in this Episode

Listen to the full episode to learn more about The Life and Legacy Foundation with Wendy Rodrigue. She has reached more than 40,000 children so far and is determined to continue to provide hands-on art programming to our nation’s youth. After you listen, please let us know what you think by commenting on our Facebook or Instagram or sending us an email at [email protected].


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