Many things look different this year, and professional development opportunities are no exception. Conferences have moved online, and we are communicating and networking virtually more than ever. If you haven’t been able to prioritize professional development recently, here are a few free marketing conferences and webinars that you can participate in before the end of the year to improve your marketing skills. 

Trends in Content Marketing 2021 

Content Marketing Institute is already preparing for the new year with this webinar to discuss all trends that will be relevant to the marketing industry in 2021. Marketing experts share what marketers should prioritize in the new year and opportunities that industry professionals should take advantage of. The live webinar has passed, but this insightful discussion is still available for viewing! 

7 Simple Secrets to Boost Your Email Marketing Results

If you’d like to improve your email marketing results, this is the webinar for you. Hosted by Constant Contact, this session will discuss simple strategies anyone can implement to improve their email marketing effectiveness. The content not only focuses on improving your communication with your current audience but also shares tips on expanding your email list and attracting new prospective clients. The event is on Wednesday, November 11 at 11 a.m.  

How To Overcome Unconscious Bias In Organizational Communications

This event is free for members of the Florida Public Relations Association. If you are not yet a member, consider joining our local chapter or any chapter throughout the state that works best for you. This webinar will commence at 10:30 a.m. central time on Thursday, November 12. Communications professional LaTonya J. Pegues will host the event and share strategies and tactics on how to be a less-biased communicator. 

Hubspot Webinars 

These sessions are not live, but Hubspot offers an array of webinars that cover multiple marketing topics such as “How Your Startup Can Win at SEO” and ”Grow Better with Customer Feedback.” Hubspot’s complimentary professional development opportunities are a great way to sharpen your skills in specific industry aspects and to expand your knowledge for free and from the comfort of your home or office. 

B2B Marketing Expo 

The B2B Marketing Expo, based in Europe, is an event we know all attendees will find helpful. This two-day conference offered virtually is FREE this year, so we highly suggest taking advantage of this rare opportunity. This event is November 18-19 and features hundreds of speakers and seminars. These types of conferences are very rarely complimentary, so we recommend attending this year while it is free and online.