If you haven’t incorporated video into your brand’s marketing yet, it is time to change that! Now more than ever, video is an important medium to use when trying to reach your audience. Although many believe that video is too expensive (it can be), we are sharing a few cost-effective ways you can add this communication tool into your marketing mix. If you still aren’t convinced, Hubspot recently reported that 88 percent of video marketers shared that video gives them a positive return on investment. That reason alone is enough to make us want to create more video! Here are some ways to easily add video into your marketing strategy.

Instagram and/or Facebook Stories

Whether it’s behind the scenes sneak peeks, product launches, or you simply talking to the camera, Stories are the easiest, least time-consuming video content you can add to your marketing strategy. The beauty behind this video content is that your audience doesn’t expect production-quality video on Instagram or Facebook Stories. If you are just beginning to implement video, we highly suggest starting with Stories to become comfortable with the new medium.

Facebook Live 

Going live is still one of the best ways to engage with your audience on Facebook. Although it can be intimidating, we encourage you to give it a shot. Whether you have planned video content to share or just want to spontaneously jump on when you have something to share, audiences interact with this type of content and appreciate the authenticity that comes along with showing your business in real-time.

Replace Your Current Content with Video

We’re sure you are already creating content, so why not make some of it in video format? For example, instead of writing a blog, hop on camera and share your knowledge through video. If you are recording a podcast, set up a camera and share that same information in a video to YouTube. If you normally take photos of your products, try sharing a video of them instead. Many people believe that video will be so time-consuming because it is another piece of content they’ll have to create, but the reality is you can create video by using the content you already plan to share.

Repurpose Content 

If your brand produces any long-form video, we highly suggest breaking that down into smaller pieces of content. For example, if you host a video shoot for a commercial, we suggest using clips of video that you captured for far more than just that commercial! The footage can be used for social media posts, Facebook or Instagram Stories, a blog, email marketing, mobile, presentations and so much more! Don’t reinvent the wheel. You probably have much more video content readily available to you than you think!

How does your business use video to enhance your marketing? Let us know in the comments!

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