It’s one of the newest age-old questions. Should you invest in developing a website to house information about your products and services, or should you lean on a Facebook page to tell your brand story and engage your audiences?

We think it depends on your goals. We’ve developed a list of questions below that might be of assistance as you continue to navigate and establish your digital presence!

Question 1: Does your budget allow for you to maintain a website?

Lucky for you, we’ve already crafted a post about why blogging is so important and we’ve outlined our favorite website building platforms for your budget here! However, if your budget is locked in, we recommend sticking with a Facebook Business Page. Facebook is inexpensive (even when promoting and boosting your content), easier to navigate, and it provides endless recommendations on how to craft and share the perfect content for your audiences. Also consider the hours website development and maintenance will take.

Question 2: Is your goal to showcase products/services without a dialogue?

Are you interested in receiving direct feedback from your customers/clients? If so, Facebook should be your first choice. A website can be stagnant and can hinder direct engagement with your audiences. Even the most interactive websites garner very little engagement. Aside from using a Chatbot when seeking assistance, very few people reach out to a general contact on a website. Facebook, on the other hand, emphasizes engagement and communication with your consumers.

Question 3: Do you have endless content to share?

If your goal is to craft unique content every day, a Facebook Page might be your best option. Websites are a fantastic resource for information that rarely changes, but Facebook can act as a live stream of news from your business.

Question 4: Is a social presence important to your audiences?

Does your audience care if you’re on Facebook? Have you asked them or conducted brief field studies to find out? Some businesses spend endless hours creating unique content and navigating the many facets of Facebook for very little ROI. Consider your audience demographics and if they are even using a specific platform before you invest time and money.

Overall, we recommend a blend of both social media and a website if your budget allows, if you are selling products and services and want to be able to communicate with your consumers directly, and if a digital presence is of utmost importance.

We hope this info has helped, and always feel free to reach out with questions!