We’ve seen it time and time again. Companies create content and have no idea if it is resonating with their audience, causing potential customers to explore more about their products/services, or resulting in a sale. We want to help you take control of measuring your content, so you can ensure it is working optimally for your business. Evaluating is so important because it helps you learn if your marketing tactics are working or if you need to adjust your strategy to best help you reach your goals. If you aren’t currently measuring analytics, that’s ok! We are here to help you know where to begin. If you don’t measure anything else, we suggest you keep track of the following 4 key data points.

Social Media Engagement 

Please notice that we said social media engagement. It is not ideal to measure social media followers or likes. You want to keep track of the interactions that are occurring as a result of the content you are producing. Are your posts sparking conversations among your followers? Is your audience sharing your content with their friends? Social media is an inexpensive, effective tool that all businesses can (and should) utilize to create community and dialogue with their customers.

Website Traffic 

Though there are multiple ways to measure website traffic, we suggest setting up Google Analytics for your business’ site. Through Google Analytics, you can discover which pages receive the most traffic, how long users stay on your website, how they are finding your website, and so much more. This will help you learn what your customers are most interested in. If you don’t have a website yet and aren’t sure that it is the best choice for your brand quite yet, read this to help you decide!

Emails Clicks 

First things first, you need an email list! According to a Hubspot survey, nearly 60 percent of marketers say email is their biggest source of ROI. Email marketing is crucial for consistent communication with your audience and it has proven to be one of the best tactics to drive sales. So, what should we measure after sending email communication? Look at what readers are clicking on. Is it photos? Catchy copy? While open rates are important, the goal of email communication is usually to have your audience take action (click!) on the message you are communicating to them.

Sales Revenue

The most obvious data we should be measuring is sales because we need to keep tracking of who is actually buying our products and services. While the previously mentioned analytics help with marketing to a target audience, sales are the most important aspect of keeping a business afloat. Tracking your sales will allow you to discover your business’ best-selling products, repeat customers, profits and so much more!

What additional analytics do you track? Let us know in the comments!