We are launching a new blog series featuring some of our team members who work diligently to bring clients’ dreams to life every single day. First up is our Art Director Janae Erickson.

Janae graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a focus on Animation. (We piqued your curiosity, right? Watch her senior short animation project here.) She says, “I loved computers and art, and it wasn’t until college that I discovered the world they opened up together. From traditional drawing courses to 3D Animation, I enjoyed learning all aspects of design.”

Janae then started an Etsy shop in July 2015 featuring her illustration work called JanaeEdesigns. She created a self-portrait with her desk and fun facts about herself called “Meet the Artist.” This grew with great popularity, an she ended up illustrating several artists, photographers and a local baker. After seeing Janae’s work, Shantelle contacted her about taking on some freelance design. After a couple projects, the freelance work grew greatly. Janae was working remotely as a Graphic Artist for Marc-Michaels Interior Design in Winter Park, Florida at that time. She decided that she loved the variety and collaboration of a local marketing company and went to work for Frances Roy Agency full-time. (Lucky us!)

When it comes to gaining inspiration for projects, Janae uses a variety of sources including interior design, print and website design. She also like to keep things more modern, clean and simple. She says, “Websites like Pinterest and Behance are also fun to explore for inspiration. I try to look outside of the project for inspiration. For example, I did a logo for a photographer and was really inspired by tattoo artists.”

One of her favorite Frances Roy projects so far has been the travel mug she designed for Navarre Beach. She illustrated a wraparound design featuring small designs ranging from beaches to woodlands. The artwork was then printed on white travel mugs and they turned out beautifully! Check them out below.

On when she hits that unavoidable creative block, Janae gets resourceful. She says, “I often work on other projects or go in search of inspiration through different avenues like looking at magazine layouts, recipes, or wedding invitations. I also love collaborating with my coworkers and getting ideas from them!”

When it comes to working at Frances Roy, Janae loves the variety of work she is able to do. She says, “I design logos, social media graphics, billboards, banners, promotional products, brochures, business cards…whatever the client needs! I also have the freedom to come with ideas for both FRA and our clients.”

Finally, she explains one of the most rewarding parts of her job. “Doing graphic design work is always an interesting process. Sometimes the client has a vision that you need to bring to life or the client has a goal but no idea what it looks like. I enjoy both types. When starting on this photography logo, there was no finite idea. The inspiration was a simple cactus, but the ideas flowed from husky dogs to the great outdoors. It was an adventure trying to find the right idea. In the end, it’s one of my favorites and really fits with the photographer.” Check out the logo for Kyle Gray Photography. 

Thanks so much for sharing your insight and inspiration, Janae. We love having you as part of the FRA Team!