Korie is one of the newest members of the Frances Roy Team as Junior Web Assistant! She moved back to Niceville after living in the Middle East. Although she did not have any marketing experience prior to joining the team, she has accepted every challenge we’ve thrown her way!

When asked how she gets inspired to help create compelling content for our clients, she said, “I gain inspiration from the client’s values and what really makes the brand what, or who, it is. Things they say, believe in and are passionate about really help get the creative juices flowing!”

Korie shared that her favorite project thus far has been developing a new website for Youth Village. She adds, “I really enjoyed learning from Janae how intricate a website can really be. I also loved the fact I could help a wonderful non-profit that puts the community first.”

When asked what tips she has for those interested in content creation, she said, “Be true to what you believe in. You should never have to give up your values when you’re creating content, or else it just won’t feel right to you or to the person receiving the content.”

Sometimes this industry can have its stressors, like any other. We asked Korie about what her advice would be for recent graduates entering the creative industry. She said, “A quote from Audrey Hepburn that I’ve always stood by is, ‘The most important thing is to enjoy your life — to be happy — it’s all that matters.’ Stress, anxiety, and pressure should not rule your life. Being balanced with chakras has really helped me to not be too worried about the future ahead.”

Thanks so much for your insight, Korie!