Meet the Guests 

FRA Content Director Hillaree Durso, Marketing Manager Kelsey Doar, and Art Assistant Kayla Koger join Shantelle to talk about all things digital media. As one of our four core services, all of the work we complete for our clients includes some sort of a digital component. 

Cliff Notes 

The digital space encompasses social media marketing, email, website, content marketing, and so much more. We use each platform uniquely, but comprehensively to communicate our clients’ messages to their audiences. We chat about how to keep up with the changing world of digital and how to capitalize on and optimize the digital content you are creating. 

More in this Episode 

Our team discusses the importance of experimenting with digital content. Consistently engaging and trying new things on digital platforms is key for helping your brand grow online. Do you want to chat more about digital communication? Join us on our social media sites Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to continue the conversation. Have questions for our team? Email us at [email protected]